Glyphyalinia wheatleyi

Bright Glyph in Wisconsin


Glyphyalinia wheatleyi, also known more commonly as Bright Glyph, is an invertebrate organism of special concern, but has no rules, regulations, nor laws in regards to its protection (DNR, 2011).  It could potentially be harvested at any rate (DNR, 2011). The Wisconsin DNR has also indicated that Glyphyalinia wheatleyi is can be globally found, however, in Wisconsin this terrestrial land snail is classified as being particularly rare with very few occurrences of encounters with this species. Eastern Wisconsin has one of the least known regions for land snails, however, this area is known for a vast diversity of land snails including Bright Glyph (Nekola, 2003). G. wheatleyi is a species that could potentially be in danger of disappearing.

Location of Bright Glyph in Wisconsin: Door County Area (navy blue shaded area)


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