Scientific Name: Helisoma anceps

Common Name: Two ridge rams horn

Kingdom: Animalia (All here are multicellular) (This snail is multicellular)

Phylum: Mollusca (Soft Bodied Coelomates) (Its a coelmates which means true cavity)

Class: Gastropoda (Gastropods) (All snails are gastropods)

Order: Basommatophora (Having single pair of tentacles) (This snail has only one pair of          tentacles while others can have two)

Family: Planorbidae (Aquatic pulmonate gastropods) (This snail is aquatic)

Genus: Helisoma/Planorbidae (Coiling Shells) (the coiling shell puts it in the Helisoma genus)

Species: Helisoma anceps (anceps in Latin meaning two for the ridges)

Dillon 2006