Planorbella pilsbryi can be found in the northern United States and parts of Canada. Specimens have been found ranging in places such as the area from Massachusetts to MinnesThis map shows a brief overview of where the File Rams-horn snail can be found. It is most commonly found in the Northern United States and parts of Canada.ota, Northern New York and Central upward Wisconsin. Specific sites containing the species have been found in the Canadian Interior Basin and Villas County, Chetek Lake, Prairie Lake and Moose Ear Creek, WI. (Burch 1982)

    Planorbella (Helisoma) pilsbryi tend to live in bodies of water with high levels of decaying matter and firm mud bottoms. Examples of this include lakes, ponds, and back streams.  Its preferred habitat is     This pond is an example of the type of habitat that the file ramshorn snail lives in. stagnant or slow moving water (Baker 1945). A specimen was collected on the shoreline of Esker Lake. This species is rare and due to its rarity the distribution in this park and other areas is unknown.(Nordstrom 2003)                      

    Another specimen was found at Lac La Biche in Central Alberta, but again was observed as rare or uncommon, with only 8 being found in the whole area (Courteanu 2004). Sites such as Esker Lake and Lac La Biche are also inhabited by many species of fish such as speckled, rainbow and lake trout, northern pike, walleye and smallmouth bass (Esker Lake).


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