File Rams-horn snails are egg laying and all self-fertilize. A simmilar species, Planorbella trivolvis, is the most similar ramshorn snail to P. pilsbryi. They also are hermaphrodites, meaning both sexes are present. The ovitestis produce both the egg and the sperm and pass along the hermaphroditic duct to their final destinations to be fertilized (Baker 1945)

.  This picture shows the underside of a Planorbella pilsbryi snail.This picture shows a brownish Planorbella pilsbryi snail.

    Planorbella pilsbryi has been found to have very similar genitalia to P. trivolvis too. They share the common traits of a short and narrow spermatheca with a long duct, short prostate, short and wide seminal vesicle and a wide vergic sac (Baker 1945).

    The general life span found in rams-horn snails is assumed to be 4-5 years (Baker 1945).


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