Where do they live?
    Stagnicola emarginata live on stony or gravel substrate (Michigan inland lakes partnership 2010).  This is usually on the open shores of large lakes.  A few examples of where they inhabit are the Great Lakes, especially the southern portion of Lake Ontario (Myers et al. 2006).
    They are also found from Maine west to Minnesota and Wisconsin.  The St. Lawrence pondsnail is also found from the Canadian Interior Basin south to Michigan.  Other areas where it has been found is in Pennsylvania and New York (Burch 1982).

I have permission from Scott Thomas to use this pictureOther organisms living in the same habitat (food web):
    Stagnicola emarginata share their habit in the Great Lakes with many organisms.  Some examples of organisms That are eaten by the mollusks in the food web are diatoms, green algae, blue-green algae, flagellates, rotifers, and different types of water fleas.  A few organisms at the same level as the mollusks in the food web are amphipods, zebra and quagga mussels, and opossum shrimp.  Examples of animals that are predators to the mollusks are lake whitefish, round goby, slimy sculpin, rainbow smelt, yellow perch, and alewife.  Some predators to this group are the burbot, lake and brown and rainbow trout, chinook and coho and atlantic salmon,  smallmouth bass, walleye, and american eel (National oceanic and atmospheric administration 2002).

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