Common Name: Edwards Plateau Liptoth
Scientific Name: Millrerelix gracilis
The common name, Edwards Plateau Liptooth comes from the region of discovery and the nature of its structures (Pilsbry, 1948). Edwards Plateau, found in central Texas, is the natural habitat of the snail (Encyclopedia of Life, 2012). Liptooth refers to the way the shell is structured (Pilsbry, 1948). The meaning of gracilis in Latin is thin, slender, and slim, which also refers to the shell (Latin Word Study Tool, 2012).
     Domain: Eukarya

                    Kingdom: Animalia

                                 Phylum: Mollusca

                                            Class: Gastropoda

                                                        Order: Stylommatophora                 Millerelix shell ( Image by Dan Johnson)

             Family: Polygyridae

                            Genus: Millerelix

                                            Species: Millerelix gracilis

               Millerelix shell ( Image by Dan Johnson)

Eukarya: This domain includes a diverse array of organisms with membrane-bound nuclei (Hickman et. al., 2012).
Animalia: This kingdom contains multicellular, heterotrophic creatures, meaning they get their energy from an outside source (Hickman et. al., 2012).
Mollusca: The phylum Mollusca features soft-bodied organisms with a muscular foot for locomotion and/or attachment (Hickman et. al., 2012).
Gastropoda: The class Gastropoda or “belly foots” are characterized by torsion-- the twisting of the body that puts the anus above the head (Gillis, 2012). Therefore, waste is excreted outside of the shell (Gillis, 2012). They are also are characterized by their coiled shells (Gillis, 2012).
Stylommatophora: This classification contains mostly terrestrial animals, sometimes lacking shells, characterized by two pairs of tentacles (Encyclopedia of Life, 2012). They also breathe with a lung-like sac and have been classified by Pilsbry according to their excretory system (Encyclopedia of Life, 2012).
Polygyridae: These are air-breathing land snails that have a jagged jaw and joined eye and pharynx retractor muscles, but lack diverticulum and “love darts” (Encyclopedia of Life, 2012).
Genus: Millerelix

 Species: Millerelix gracilis                     Millerelix mooreana- close relative of Millerelix gracilis (Image by Dan Johnson)

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