Here is a general fact page filled with interesting things we bet you didn't know about snails!

  • The brain and spinal chord in mammals can rarely recover after serious injury. Did you know Pulmonates are able to quickly regenerate their brain and spinal chord after injury without therapy or treatment? In fact, even in cases where the tentacle is amputated, it can re-grow and maintain function (Ito and Ryota, 2011).


  • Did you know, for many people, it is a delicacy to eat snails as an appetizer referred to as escargot? They are actually very healthy because of their high protein, vitamin, and mineral content. They are also low in fat (Snail Farming, 2010).


  • Did you know snails are found in nearly every habitat type, with terrestrial, marine, and fresh water species (Hickman et. al., 2012)?


  • Did you know the Giant African Land Snail can grow larger that the size of a human foot (Smith, 2009)?

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