Domain: Eukaryota
-Has membrane bound organelles, with a distinct nucleus.
    Kingdom: Animalia
    -Lacks a cell wall, is multicellular, and is hetertrophic.
        Phylum: Arthropoda
        -Comprised of segments, jointed legs, and chitnous exoskeleton.
            Class: Insecta
            -Contains compound eyes, 3 pairs of jointed legs, and a pair of antennae.
                Order: Hymenoptera
                -Has 2 pairs of membraneous wings.
                    Family: Vespidae
                    -Includes a Queen of a nest, which is made of paper-like substances.
                        Sub family: Vespinae
                        -They are social, while most other sub families are solitary.
                            Genus: Dolichovespula
Aerial nests, and a longer face than Vespula.
                                Species: maculata
-The bald-faced hornet.
(Magrine. 2011)
Dolichovespula maculata-long faced, striped and speckled hornet.