Domain: Eukarya
    Kingdom: Animalia
        Phylum: Arthropoda
            Class: Insecta
                Order: Hemiptera
                    Family: Belostomatidae
                        Genus: Belastoma
Species: flumineum

Belostoma flumineum "Electric Light Bug"

Belostoma flumineum is in the domain Eukarya because its cells contain nuclei. It belongs in the kingdom Animalia because it is multi-cellular, eukaryotic, heterotrophic, has tissue specialization, and reproduces sexually. It belongs in the phylum Arthropoda because it has an exoskeleton, specialized mouth parts, jointed legs, compound eyes, and a segmented body. It is classified in the class Insecta because it has two pairs of wings, three pairs of jointed legs, a tri-segmented body, hard exoskeleton, a pair of antennae, and is bilaterally symmetrical. It belongs in the order Hemiptera because it has a proboscis which is used for piercing tissues and sucking out liquids. The antennae of organisms in Hemiptera usually have five segments. It is classified in the family Belostomatidae because its fore legs are used to grasp their prey. Another characteristic of the family Belostomatidae is that the antennae are found under the eyes and are longer than the head. A way to identify it under the genus Belostoma is that the middle and hind legs are similar in the tibial (middle) and the tarsal (bottom) sections.