Belostoma Flumineum enjoys clear, freshwater habitats that contain aquatic vegetation.  These places mostly consist of lakes, ponds, and slow moving streams with plants that stick out of the water (such as cattails or long grasses).  The reason that these giant water bugs enjoy slow moving water is because of their unique hunting style (discussed in the nutrition section) (eduwebs.org 2012).  Due to the predaceous nature of this insect, it has to live in places where food is present.  For this reason it has to live in places where snails, aquatic insects, salamanders, frogs, and small fish live.  Also, during the mating season, these insects will fly in large numbers to different ponds and lakes where they can find a mate.

These giant water bugs can be found from Quebec and New England all the way west to Manitoba and Colorado, and south to Florida, Louisiana, and Arizona. (Choate, Paul M 2009