Sprinkled Grasshopper


In the Order Orthoptera generally lay their eggs on soil, wood or other plant material.

In the Family Acrididae there is the uses of chemical clues to find mates along with characteristic songs produced by males to attract females during the day or night.

The Choealtis conspersa usually lay their eggs on soft wood, but sometimes lay their eggs on the soil or dry dung. Their eggs overwinter and hatch in the spring time. They generally lay anywhere from 10-200 eggs.

The life cycle of an Orthoptera is as follows:

    They have incomplete metamorphosis. Most Orthopterans lay their eggs in the ground. The eggs hatch young nymphs who resemble adults but lack wings. At this stage they are known as hoppers. Through molting the nymphs develop wings buds, and after enough molts they become adults with fully developed wings. The number of molts varies with different species, but some can have up to six molts. The speed at which they grow can also vary, depending on the food availability and weather conditions.