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       Welcome to the Classification page of Appalachina sayana.  This page will tell provide you  with information on Appalachina sayana regarding its classification, common name, and why the snail was classified into its taxonomic name.  The top portion will tell you its classification and when you scroll down to the bottom portion the information will tell you why Appalachina sayana was given that taxonomic name.  ENJOY!

Name: Appalachina sayana

Common name: Spike-Lip Crater


Domain - Eukarya

             Kingdom -Animalia

                    Phylum -Mollusca

                           Class - Gastropoda

                                  Order - Stylommatophora

                                         Family - Polygyridae

                                                Genus - Appalachina

                                                                  Species - Appalachina sayana (Pilsbry, 1906)

(Zipcodezoo, 2012)


Eukarya: Appalachina sayana was classified into Domain Eukarya due to the snail having a cells containing a membrane-bound nuclei (Hickman et all, 2009).

Animalia: Appalachina sayana was classified into Kingdom Animalia due to the snail being an animal and being multi-cellular, eukaryotic, and heterotrophic (Hickman et all, 2009).

MolluscaAppalachina sayana  was classified Into Phylum Mollusca due to the snail having a mantle and a muscular foot.  The mantle is basically a sheath of skin that protects the softer parts of the body (Hickman et all, 2009).  The foot is used for ways of movement as well as to cling onto surfaces (Encyclopedia of Life, 2012).

GastropodaAppalachina sayana  was classified into Class Gastropoda due to the snail having a body pattern called torsion.  Torsion means that the anus and mantle cavity of the snail is above the head and mouth instead of being in the back (Hickman et all, 2009).  Gastropods also go through a trochophore and veliger larval stage (Hickman et all, 2009).

StylommatophoraAppalachina sayana was classified into Order Stylommatophora due to the snail having two pairs of invaginable tentacles (Encyclopedia of Life, 2012).

Polygyridae: Appalachina sayana was classified into Family Polygyridae due to the family of snails being air breathing animals, containing a ribbed jaw and no dart apparatus (Encyclopedia of Life, 2012).

AppalachinaAppalachina sayana was named into the Genus Appalachina from Henry Augustus Pilsbry.  Snails named with Appalachina typically have flat shells and an umbilicus, which is the center of the underside of the shell (Encyclopedia of Life, 2009). 

Appalachina sayanaThis is the name given to the snail, as well as the common name Spiked-Lip Crater.  This snail contains the genus Appalachina which means it has the umbilicus, which can be seen in the Recognition page.


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