Appalachina sayana      




       Welcome to the habitat page of Appalachian sayana.  Within this page you will be able to find information in regards to where the snail likes to be and places where you can find them.  Also, by clicking on the red words, a new window will open up with an image so you can get an idea of how the habitat looks like (pictures courtesy of Wikipedia). ENJOY!


       Appalachina sayana is mostly found in the north-east parts of the United States where the Appalachian Mountains run through which include New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Maine, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, and Michigan(Lee, 2002).  The snail can also found in parts of Canada in Ontario, Toronto and Hamilton (Lee, 2002).





       Typically, Appalachina sayana  is found near logs or roaming around in moist leaf beds by wooded hillsides (Michigan State University, 2007).  There have also been reports of sighting this snail within leaves and under old, rotten logs in pastures and open fields (Lee, 2002).  In Canada, the snail tends to be in habitats where conditions are a little different.  The habitat you would spot these snails in Canada would generally be in rocky, forested areas where there tends to be shade and moisture (Lee, 2002).  The soil where you can find Appalachina sayana is calcareous which means it contains calcium carbonate or limestone (Michigan State University, 2007).



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