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       Hi guys! Thanks for taking the time to view my webpage about the snail Appalachina sayana. Although it was hard finding information about this snail, I hope there was enough to interest and inform you about this snail.  This was a webpage done as an assignment for my BIO 210 class and I had quite some fun researching and putting this together to educate you guys. 


       My name is Pao Chang and I am a student at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  I am majoring in Biology and am currently trying to pursue the dental field.  Science is tough!  On the other hand, I do enjoy the outdoors; fishing has become one of my passions.  I also love engaging in sports, especially volleyball.  Competing has always been fun for me.  Thanks again for taking your time to view my webpage and hopefully it has provided you with necessary information. 


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