Young larvae of the Order Diptera feed on rotting vegetable matter, the roots of grass, germinating cereal seeds, and some parts of young aerial plant (Arthur and Garrison 2004). In the larval stage, Tipula submaculata feed on decaying vegetation, fungi, and roots. When they are in the adult stage, however, they drink only water and do not feed. (Red Planet Inc. 2012). Some species have been found feeding nectar, but this is relatively rare.(Young 2008) .

                                              Larvae feed on vegetation and roots such as these

In some cases several species of Tipula can serve as a host to pseudoscorpians and mites which attach to the crane flies. Although most of these relationships are commensal, some mites have been reported to become parasitic and feed on the body fluid of their host (Young 2005). Also, the fungus Entompophthora has been shown to be parasitic to crane flies (Interactions with other species).

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