Fumonelix christyi



Permission to use image from Bill Frank at http://jaxshells.org/index.htmlKingdom : Animalia

Phylum : Mollusca

Class : Gastropoda

Order : Stylommatophora

Family : Polygridae

Genus : Fumonelix (old name: Mesodon)

Species : Fumonelix christyi*
Common name : Glossy Covert

The latin name Fumonelix christyi translates into:
- christyi = glossy
- Fumonelix = covert

*This species used to be classified under the old name of Mesodon christyi.

Fumonelix christyi is a eukaryotic, multicellular, and heterotrophic organism which classifies this species as belonging to the kingdom Animalia. From there this species is sorted into a group called the Lophotrochozoa, classified by the presence of free-swimming larvae. The phylum Mollusca includes organisms with a mantle, or a breathing cavity, and a nervous system. Mollusca is the largest marine animal phylum, with Gastropoda containing the highest number of species within the phylum. The class Gastropoda classifies organisms based on several characteristics, including stomach foot and univalve. Stylommatophora characteristics include a gland underneath the membrane and pairs of retractable tentacles. The family Polygridae contains characteristics such as having a single muscular band, which allows for the eyes and pharynx to be retracted, and they do not have a love dart. The genus Fumonelix, or Mesodon, is an air-breathing species of snails. This species also has larger and smoother shell surfaces with distinct transverse and spiral striations on the shells, and are without prostrate hairs. The smooth shell surfaces gave rise to christyi as the name of the species because it gives the shell a glossy appearance.

These adaptations and changes have occurred in this terrestrial species due to its changing habitat. Learn more about the habitat and climate of the species here, or go back to the home page.

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