Fumonelix christyi



This species can be found in a limited number of areas following the Appalachian Mountain range, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama, (Dourson, 2010). This mountainous southeast region in the United States typically has a cool and humid climate for a majority of the year. It is classified as a temperate region, meaning it is neither hot nor cold (The Nature Conservancy, 2012). The vegetation includes many trees such as the mountain ash, red spruce, and white pine. As a terrestrial snail this species is commonly found on steep slopes and on wooded slopes. They also can be found under sandstone outcroppings (Dourson, 2010). Snail predators, such as frogs, salamanders, and rattlesnakes are also found in this region.


In this habitat, snails can easily find food to eat. Visit the nutrition section to learn what this species eats and how it obtains its food or go back to the home page.