Fumonelix christyi


Conservation of Land Snails

Permission to use image from Bill Frank.
Many land snails are currently endangered, threatened, or have become extinct because humans have destroyed or damaged the living conditions that they have adapted to by living on land (Conch-net conservation, 1996). Fumonelix christyi has been listed on the endangered species list, so there are actions that need to take place to help conserve their habitat as well as many others. Habitats have been altered, damaged, and completely lost due to urbanization, agriculture, and continual growth of industry. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Organization works to help find species that are threatened or endangered, and they then help to conserve the habitats.

Visit the reproduction page to learn how snails reproduce to help prevent endangerment, or go back to the home page. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service offers ways to help conserve Fumonelix christyi as well as many other species. To find out what wildlife species are threatened or endangered visit www.fws.gov.