The habitat of Inflectarius rugeli consists of mixed hard wood forests, under leaf litter, or under forest debris (Dourson, 2010). It can also be found in disturbed habitats adjacent to forested areas. This species is most commonly found in central and eastern Kentucky (Dourson, 2010). Polygyrids, such as Inflectarius rugeli, are most typically active at night or whenever moisture in the atmosphere is most prevalent, such as after rain. However, some species burrow deep in soil or humus during drought or cold months of the year (Perez, 2008).    

Distribution of Inflectarius rugeli in the US found in the book "The Distributions of the Native Land Mollusks of the Eastern United States"
Distribution of Inflectarius rugeli in the US

Conservation Status

The conservation status of Inflectarius rugeli is (G5). This system is used to measure how rare and threatened a specific species is. This is important as it allows scientist to have a consistent method for evaluating the health and conditions of species while providing a crucial component for setting priorities for conservation efforts (Perez, 2008). The global conservation statuses range from the critically imperiled (G1) to the secure (G5) (Perez, 2008). In other words, the status of Inflectarius rugeli is that it is common, abundant, and widespread.


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