Since the two species are very similar, we used both Inflectarius rugeli  and Inflectarius inflectus. The two are thought to be hybridized, making separation of the two very difficult (Dourson 2010). Here is a brief comparison of the two.

Inflectarius rugeli:
    - Depressed heliciform
    - Lip reflected         
    -Shell with whorls         
    -Large parietal tooth present        
    -Palatal tooth large and deeply recessed into the aperture         
    -Shell surface is with short periostracal process that appear as scales when points  
     broken off
    -Periphery rounded

Photo taken by John Slapcinsky in Nantahala, North Carolina
Inflectarius rugeli
This photo demonstrates the visible shell with whorls.

Differences in Appearance Between Inflectarius rugeli and Inflectarius inflectus

Inflectarius inflectus is slightly smaller and the palatal tooth is smaller and less deeply recessed into the aperture. Having large teeth, the aperture of Inflectarius rugeli appears more crowded that as seen in Inflectarius inflectus (Dourson, 2010).

Photo taken by John Slapcinsky in Unaka Springs, Tennessee
Inflectarius inflectus
As you can see, the two appear to be very similar and the small distinctions are hardly noticeable.

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