With a species such as the Carpenter Ant being so diverse in numbers, there is a great deal of places in which they inhibit.  Reaching from the gulf of Mexico to the lower parts of Canada and from the Atlantic to the Rock Mountains (Taber 1998).  They stay mainly in a more deciduous region where the Camponotus pennsylvanicus burrows its way through soft or dead wood (Taber 1998).

 eating An expansion in numbers has been occurring in the plains because of the extensive planting of trees in that region (Moffet 2010).  Most of the time they are found in oak type wood as well as broadleaf forests (Taber 1998).  As certain areas become more populated with people they tend to move into the wood of homes (Moffet 2010).  This is typically where a wet spot has former, on the roof, or a part that has a dry rot where the wood has been softened (Moffet 2010).  Within the wood they conduct a network of tunnels, creating a very large space for their nest (Klotz et. al. Hansen Pospischl and Rust 2008).  These organisms can cause various problems in the environment as well as in your own home.         

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