Myrmeleon immaculatus



The Myrmeleon immaculatus is a diverse creature, in that it can inhabit many biomes. Wooded lands, scrub grasslands and dry sandy areas are a few biomes that it inhabits. However, the Antlion is found most commonly in arid and semiarid areas of subtropical Africa, Australia, Asia, and America. The body size of the Antlion's increases when temperatures become cooler. This is because at cooler temperatures the Antlion's maturation slows down, which means that larvae have a longer time to increase in size. This produces larger adults. Food is another factor when it comes to cooler temperatures. The cooler the temperatures the less food their is available. (Arnett and Gotelli 1999) There have been many studies to determine the effects temperature has on the Myrmeleon immaculatus.   To learn more about these studiess check out Geographic Variation in Life-History Traits of the Ant Lion.


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