Myrmeleon immaculatus



Once mating of the Myrmeleon immaculatus  is complete females will lay unstalked eggs that are relatively large. Each egg is laid singly in open areas, tree holes, under bush, in caves, under rocky overhangs, or other places that are sheltered by human or natural structures. The eggs are covered with a glandular secretion that my facilitate adhesion of sand or soil particles. The larval stage can last up to three years. (Resh, H.V. and C.T. Ring. 2003)

Once a larva is ready to mature it spins a pupa case with silk produced from modified malphigian tubules. The pupa case is then abandon as the Myrmeleon immaculatus emerges as a fully winged adult. Once out of the cocoon their wings are to soft for flight so they must be opened and allowed to harden. This drying process is stimulated by beating the wings very rapidly. (Hutchins, M. 2004)

Adult Antlions only live about a month. During that month of life, Sexual communication occurs, which involves secretion of a volatile substances from the abdominal glands. Males begin fling to trees in search for a mate. The females cling to a twig while the male attaches his tail to hers. He hangs by nothing but his genital apparatus. This mating sequence generally last up to two hours. (Resh, H.V. and C.T. Ring. 2003)

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