Monochamus notatus


Used with permission from Mike Mills. 2012-The name Sawyer beetle is given because the larvae often make a loud squeaking noise as they chew   pieces of wood. Many have likened this noise to the sounds of a cross cut saw (Allen 1994).

-Monochamus notatus is in the order Coleoptera. This is the largest order of life on Earth (Resh and Carde 2003).

-The quick life cycle of this species allows it to quickly multiply (Resh and Carde 2003).

-The skin of the larva must be shed as the larva grows. This process is called molting (Resh and Carde 2003).

-These beetles are generally brownish grey (Comstock and Herrick 1931).

-The Elytra (wing covering) is grey in males and varied in females (Comstock and Herrick 1931).

-The antennae of Monochamus notatus are very long. In females, the antennae are as long as the entire length of the body (around 1.5 inches). In  males, the antennae are twice the length of the body (Comstock and Herrick 1931).