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Hi there! Our names are Avery Velo and Kara Kerrigan. We decided to interview each other to give you a better idea of who we are; please see our answers below. We hope that you enjoyed our website about Daedalochila Postelliana, which was completed on April 5th, 2012. This website was assigned to us as a project for our Biology 210 course taught by Dr. Kathryn Perez at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. Dr. Perez is one of the few scientists who have taken on the challenge of studying snails. Please click here to find out more information regarding her findings and research.

Avery Velo: wrote the nutrition, reproduction and interaction pages.

 Feel free to contact me with questions at:

1. What got you interested in biology?
My Dad was a professional bird trainer when I was younger. We had a lot of birthday parties at the zoo and he always came home with the best stories.
2. What do you want to do before you die?
Get on the New York Times top ten best seller list, live in Australia, and buy my parents an airplane.
3. Do you have any hidden talents?
I went to juggling school. Anything from fruit, rings, and hatchets, yea I can juggle that.
4. If you were to discover a new animal what phylum what would you prefer it be from?
I would create a new phylum for Muppets
5. If you could live in a fiction book which one would it be?
Animorphs or Through the Looking Glass.
6. What is your dream occupation?
Write plots for video games and help with the artistic design.
7. If you could take an adaption from any animal what would it be?
Be able to breathe under water. I’d be able to look for all the jewelry I’ve lost in the St. Croix.
8. If you could steal a painting from any museum what would it be?
Anything by Caravaggio or William Blake. They’re worth the jail time.
9. If you could resurrect any extinct animal what would it be and why?
Pterodactyls. They’re big enough to ride right?
10. If you could study anything you wanted to (even if it was impractical) what would it be?
Definitely theology. Religion is an absolutely fascinating aspect of humanity and I think it’s the ignorance of other people’s religion that causes a lot of misunderstanding


Kara Kerrigan: wrote the habitat and adaptation pages.

Feel free to contact me with questions at:

1. If you were a Gastropod, what kind of special adaption would you want? i.e.(Glow in the dark, ear bleeding shrieks) I would want to taste terrible to other predators so that I could live forever (well maybe not forever but a long happy life).
2. If you could spend a day with one of your heroes (excluding family) who would it be?
I would love to spend the day with a family friend who died of cancer. He taught me to really enjoy the time that we are given.
3. If all the species in the animal kingdom were tame which one would you want as a pet? i.e. (Octopus, Rotifer) Call me crazy but I would like to have a jelly fish from the class Scyphozoa, because I am mesmerized by the way jelly fish move, their shape and complexity.
4. Which animal would you want to ride to school ? (animal can be enlarged i.e. giant spider)
I would love to cling to the neck of a giraffe on the way to school, that way I could see things from a different perspective.
5. What's your motto? i.e. (catchphrase, motivational quote) Carpe Diem
6. If you could take an adaption from any animal what would it be? i.e. (Fur, poisonous etc..) I would love to have the adaptation of camouflage because I love people watching, and then I could do so in a less creepy way.
7. What do you want in the future? i.e. (Jobs, Family etc..) I have many goals for the future. While the future is always uncertain I know that I want to get married and start a family. I also am very intrigued by nutrition and hope to one day become a Registered Dietitian.
8. What would you name your kids (If you plan on having any)?
I would consider naming one of my children Evelyn.
9. If you wrote a children's book what sort of animal's would you use as characters?
A tea cup pig and a baby kitten because they are some of the cutest animals.
10. If you could star in any T.V. show what would it be? Grey’s Anatomy