Daedalochila postelliana inhabits mainly the south eastern part of the United States (Dourson, 2010). More specifically Daedalochila postelliana is rooted in Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, and South Carolina (Perez, 2008).

This species is a terrestrial snail that ranges in size from approximately five to ten mm and tends to be quite flat (Dourson, 2010). Daedalochila postelliana is “tree loving” in that it can be found in grass, shrubs or small trees (Perez, 2008). Daedalochila postelliana is usually found in moist environments and during the wettest part of the day which is generally at night (Perez, 2008).

This picture shows the states which Daedalochila postelliana calls home.  Picture used with permission from Dr. Perez athttp://www.uwlax.edu/biology/faculty/perez/Perez/PerezLab/Research/Publications/

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