The sexual habits of Daedalochila postelliana haven’t been specifically observed and recorded yet. Although, the common reproductive practices in Daedalochila postelliana’s order Stylommatophora have been scientifically studied in The Mollusca: Reproduction. Daedalochila postelliana is a dioecious hermaphroditic animal (Hickman et al. 2009). A definition that means the snail possesses both male and female reproductive organs (Hickman et al. 2009). This picture shows a dioecious hermaphroditic snail. Picture from
            In order to successfully reproduce the snail must create its own sperm, receive a mate’s sperm, and produce eggs (Weber, 1984). Before these actions can be reciprocated the snail must find and entice a mate through courtship rituals (Weber, 1984). Most techniques that are required to attract attention involve hitting the exposed body of the desirable snail (Weber, 1984). 
            After a successful courtship ritual though the snails then exchange sperm (Weber, 1984). Sometime the snail has to copulate twenty times before successful fertilization (Weber, 1984). If the process is successful the snail then releases a clutch of fertilized eggs into deposits of moist soil (Weber, 1984). The larger the clutch of eggs, the better their chances of survival are (Weber, 1984).

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