Daedalochila uvulifera is a North American snail, making its home in the South East.  Daedalochila uvulifera calls Florida home (Perez, 2008).  Daedalochila uvulifera can strictly be found in Florida and they are dispersed throughout the state.

Daedalochila uvulifera like most polygrids, they live in moist and damp areas of Florida and is most active during the wettest part of the day, usually at night or after rainfall (Perez, 2008).  Daedalochila uvulifera can be found in the grass or shrubs (Perez, 2008).  In 2008, a group of snail enthusiasts and researchers went in search of this snail, they found the snail in the moist drainage ditch off the side of the road near the Kennedy Space Center (Let's Talk Seashells!, 2008)

Distribution map of Daedalochila uvulifera in Florida.  Courtesy of Bill Frank