There are many animals that call Daedalochila uvulifera dinner, along with other terrestrial Gastropods.

Invertebrates that would call Daedalochila uvulifera, dinner would be other snails such as the Euglandina rosea, while it hasn't been documented that Euglandina rosea have eaten Daedalochila uvulifera, they have called Daedalochila subclausa dinner.  They are both Florida based snails in the same regions, so it can be speculated that Euglandina rosea has feasted upon Daedalochila uvulifera. 

These snails manage to keep a low profile.  Bill Frank, a snail expert based in Jacksonville, Euglandina rosea enjoying a meal.  Courtesy of Bill FrankFlorida; stated in a paper "In fourteen years of “snailing” my extensive yard as well as those of my neighbors and other adjacent environs, less than two dozen living specimens have been found. Whether this low number found is a result of them being somewhat rare or because they keep a low profile, is not entirely clear at this point." (Frank, 2004).

Other predators include many vertebrates as well, salamanders take a liking to Daedalochila uvulifera along with other small vertebrates.  Those specifically who forage among the shrubbery and leaves.