Classification Level And Description

Specific Name: Diapheromera femorata
Common Name: Walking Stick

Domain: Eucarya
Explanation: Multicellular animals whose cells  characteristically  contain a membrane-bound nucleus or nuclei(Hickman et. al. 2009).

Kingdom: Animalia
Explanation: Ingest their food and digest it internally and are also invertebrates (Hickman et. al.2009).

Phylum: Arthropoda(indicating a joint)
Explanation: A segmented body to which jointed appendages are in pairs. Characteristically by a chitinous exoskeleton (Hickman et. al.2009).

Class: Insecta(cut into sections)
Explanation: One pair of antennae, 3 pairs of mouth organs and breathe air by means of trachea (Hickman et. al.2009).

Order: Phasmida(apparation or phantom)
Explanation: Long and slender body and legs; no wings (Hickman et. al.2009).

Family: Diapheromeridae (a variety of stick insect)
Explanation: Small to medium size, long antenna (

Genus: Diapheromera (a variety of stick insect)
Explanation: A variety of stick insect (

Species: Diapheromera fermorata (stick insect)
Explanation: Very elongated, wingless with brown to green color. Antennae is 2/3 of body length (