Most land snails are monoecious meaning that they have both male and female reproductive organs (Hickman et al. 2009).  The mating process of snails can last from two to twelve hours (


  Life Cycle of Fumonelix wheatleyi
    The life cycle of terrestrial snails involves a juvenile hatching directly from an egg which is classified as direct development (Hickman et al. 2009).  The juvenile then develops into an adult snail (Dourson 2010).  

    The eggs are then buried under tree stumps or logs so that are protected (Dourson 2010). Once the egg hatches it goes into survival mode and tries to find sources of calcium either by eating their own shell or other eggs to get proper nutrients for the growth of its own shell ( The snail will then take about three months to completely form into an adult snail and detach from its parents (

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