The Iowa Darter is classified as Etheostoma exile.  This comes from Greek and Latin meanings.  Etheo in Greek means filter and Stoma in Greek means mouth.  Exile in Latin means slim.  These characteristics greatly describe the Iowa Darter, which can be found on the Adaptation page.

Domain: Eukarya (Have membrane-bound organelles)

Kingdom: Animalia or Metazoa (Animals) - Meaning a multicelluler, heterotrophic organism.

Phylum: Chordata (Have a backbone)

Class: Actinopterygii (Ray-finned fishes)

Order: Perciformes ("Perch-like") 

Family: Percidae (Armour on the head)

Genus: Etheostoma (Darters)

Species: Etheostoma exile (Iowa Darter)

How would someone identify this fish?

As part of the family Percidae, the Iowa darter has a two-part dorsal fin, the front being spiny and the back being softer-rayed (Dickson 2009).  Iowa darters average only 2 inches long (Dickson 2009).  The body is olive green colored with some blue-green bands across the back and sides, with rusty red splotches occasionally occurring.  As to identify the sex of the Iowa Darter, one would have to look at the anal and dorsal fins.  The anal and first dorsal fins in males are longer the female anal and dorsal fins (Winn 1958).

Permission to use this image of the Iowa Darter has been given by John Lyons.


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