My name is Jessica Cravens, a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse where I am studying Biology and Nutrition. This website was a project for Biology 210. I was responsible for writing the sections Reproduction and Form and Function.  While I am not much of fisher myself, I love being outdoors; camping, boating, hiking, being at the lake, running and biking are some of my favorite outdoor activities. I hope you all enjoyed learning about the Warmouth Sunfish!
The UWL website can be found by following this link.  Multiple Organisms have more websites on various species for those interested, as well.
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I am Emma Gimse White I am currently a biology major in the pre-physician’s assistant program. I play the French horn in the orchestra and the wind ensemble here at the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse, and enjoy it very much, some might even call me a band nerd. The Lepomis gulosus has special place in my heart as I have been fishing for sunfish all my life. I created the Habitat and Nutrition sections of this webpage. Any thoughts, questions, or comments can be emailed to me at