Most of the Lepomis genus spawns in colonies along shallow water that is a specific temperature (Gerald 1971). The species gulosus, however, do not spawn in colonies.  Males of the warmouth nest around the months of May to June (Ohio DNR).  The average temperature male warmouths begin to spawn is approximately 21.1° C (EOL).  Before a female is ready, the temperature needs to be around 24.5° C (Fish Channel).  Nests are primarily built close to rocks or vegetation (Ohio DNR). The gulosus can mate with different species of the Lepomis genus (Avise 1977).


Most fish in the Lepomis genus have a unique frequency pitch and characters for mating calls when circling females for courtship (Gerald 1971).

Physical Traits during Spawning

Male gulosus undergoes several different physical characteristics while spawning.  Before a nest has been built, the male will develop bright coloring (Fish Channel).  The eyes also change color to red.  After egg fertilization the male defends the nest and becomes very aggressive (EOL).  This aggressive behavior is much like other species of the Lepomis genus. The male gulosus opens its mouth and flares its gills to appear bigger as a way to intimidate other fish. The male defends any intruders, including other females (Ohio DNR).

Hatching and Maturation

The eggs hatch after approximately 5 day and the males guard the nest until this time (Fish Channel). Before the young leave, they hide in sediment to avoid being prey.  Gluosus are considered sexually mature either after a time span of one year or by their size (EOL).