McKenzie Barnette            Nathan Johnston


Scientific name: Cyphoma gibbosum.  Brightly colored, predatory sea snail.

Common name: Flamingo Tongue Snail. 

Domain – Eukaryota.  Its cells have complex structures that are enclosed in a membrane.

Kingdom – Animalia.  Multicellular, eukaryotic organisms

Phylum – Mollusca.  Invertebrate animals

Class – Gastropoda.  Snail

Sub-class – Prosobranchia.  Gills in front of the heart.

Order – Neotaenioglossa.  A large group of sea snails.

Family – Ovulidae.  Smooth, shiny shells with a long aperture

Genus – Cyphoma.  Predatory tropical sea snails.

Species – C. gibbosum. Brightly colored sea snail.

(Marine Invertebrates of Bermuda 2007)     (Encyclopedia Britannica 2013)