McKenzie Barnette            Nathan Johnston


C. gibbosum feeds on tropical gorgonians (sessile colonial cnidarian) found in benthic zones (Marine Invertebrates of Bermuda 2007).  They feed exclusively on the tissue of the gorgonian coral, such as sea whips or sea fans, which sometimes results with the axial skeleton being exposed and can result in the gorgonian dying (Harvell, C.D.  Suchanek, T.H). C. gibbosum absorbs chemicals from the gorgonian coral used for defense (Chiappone, M. A. R. K., Dienes, H. E. L. G. A., Swanson, D. W., & Miller, S. L. 2003).  C. gibbosum feeds by using its  radula though some gastropods have lost their radula (Marine Invertebrates of Bermuda 2007).  C. gibbosum has an open circulatory system like all gastropods.


Some gorgonian corals including a large sea fan (Shari Morris. 2010.)

Gorgonian corals including a large sea fan (Shari Morris. 2010.)