McKenzie Barnette            Nathan Johnston


Like other gastropods the C. gibbosum exhibits indirect development meaning it has different forms at different stages in its life (Encyclopedia Britannica 2013).  Fertilization occurs outside of the female body (external fertilization), and the egg hatches into a trochophore larvae (Encyclopedia Britannica 2013) After hatching the snail goes through a planktonic life stage, common in marine invertebrates (Encyclopedia Britannica 2013).  During their life cycle they do not undergo a sex change.  Adult Flamingo Tongue Snails are dioecious and go through sexual reproduction.  Gastropods undergo a process unique to their phyla called torsion when their shell rotates 180 degrees relative to their mouth in the veliger stage (Encyclopedia Britannica 2013). 

C. gibbosum on Gorgonian coral (Shari Morris. 2010.)