Scientific name: Stenotrema exodon
Common name: Alabama Slitmouth

Domain: Eukarya
    Kingdom: Animalia
        Phylum: Mollusca
            Class: Gastropoda
                Order: Stylommatophora
                    Family: Polygyridae
                        Genus: Stenotrema
                            Species: Stenotrema exodon
Common name: Alabama Slitmouth

Domain Eukarya: S. exodon is considered a Eukaryote because its cells a membrane bound nucleus along with other organelles (Hickman, et al. 2012).

Kingdom Animalia: Classified due to its multicellularity and the fact that the cells do not contain a cell wall (Hickman et al. 2012). Most animals in this Kingdom are also heterotrophic, meaning they acquire all of their organic and inorganic nutrients from the environment (Hickman, et al. 2012).

Phylum Mollusca: Mollusca is Latin for “soft bodied” which is the main distinctive characteristic of this phylum (Hickman, et al. 2012). These organisms also have unsegmented bodies and usually a calcium carbonate shell (Thorp et al. 2010). The Phylum Mollusca is one of the largest animal phyla and are very diverse. One characteristic of all mollusks is the presence of a head-foot body portion and a visceral mass body portion (Hickman et al. 2012).

Class Gastropoda: This is the most diverse class of Mollusks and includes species like snails and slugs (Thorp et al. 2010). The main classifying characteristic of the Gastropods is the asymmetrical torsion of the visceral mass (Thorp et al. 2010). For more information on Torsion, see the Adaptations page.

Order Stylommatophora: Gastropods with eyes on the ends of their two tentacles are classified into this order (Encyclopedia of Life). Animals in this order are usually terrestrial pulmonates, meaning they live on land and breathe with lungs (Encyclopedia of Life).

Family Polygyridae: This family contains terrestrial, air breathing snails that are inhabitants of North America (Encyclopedia of Life).

Genus Stenotrema: Snails in this genus contain either erect hairs on their shells or short, curved epidermal laminae (Encyclopedia of Life).

Species Stenotrema exodon: S. exodon contains snails that small to medium in size, with a deep notch near the opening of the shell and a distinct tooth outside of the notch (Pilsbry 1900).