The species Stenotrema exodon calls the Great Smokey Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains its home.

Stenotrema occurs throughout most of North America (Burch 1929). The genus of Stenotrema are heavily concentrated in the south eastern part of the United States. Stenotrema exodon is found in Alabama and Georgia (Burch 1929).This rare snail resides mainly in the Appalachian Mountains along with the Great Smokey Mountains. It has been found near the base of the mountains in hardwood forests.

The genus Stenotrema can be found in hardwood forests and in limestone in those hardwood forests. This genus of snails have a flatter round shell that are usually found under leaves of the hardwood trees or in crevices of the limestone. This genus of snails prefer moist conditions but stay in the same area year round; they have been spotted in dry conditions as well.