Stenotrema exodon is omnivorous and will ingest anything it comes across. They commonly eat plants, fungi, animal matter, rotting wood, limestone and soil (Hotopp 2005).

Stenotrema genus have a complete digestive system like all land snails.

Once the snail encounters food, it uses it’s radula to scrape, tear of cut up the food. The radula moves back and forth in a sawing motion. Once the food is in small enough pieces for the snail to ingest, it is taken inside the esophagus to begin digesting (Hotopp 2005).

Digestive juices start to break down the food in the esophasgus as the food travels to the gastric pouch. Once the food is in the gastric pouch it travels to the digestive gland where the nutrients are absorbed (Hotopp 2005). Once the nutrients are absorbed waste enters the intestine and makes it way out of the body through the rectum (Hotopp 2005). (The digestive information was in general for omnivorous land snails not specifically for Stenotrema exodon.)