* Lethocerus americanus is also known as the "electric light bug," due to its habit of swarming light posts at night in large numbers.

* One species, Lethocerus indicus, is considered a delicate snack in Thailand. The crunchy bug has become more and more scarce and consequently more expensive.



* Lethocerus americanus is occasionally kept as a pet, but requires a firm lid on top because the captive bug has a tendency to escape and fly away.

* Since Lethocerus americanus does not use any numbing toxins in its bite, the piercing rostrum of the Giant Water Bug is notoriously painful, so do not wiggle your fingers in front of its face.

 * This predator will not only wait to ambush unsuspecting prey but will actively give chase to any prey item that it can catch

 * They are predator insects and require that their prey be alive, so trying to feed a captive Giant Water Bug dead prey is futile.