A water bug can be located in many types of water including freshwater and marine habitats. Many water bugs can be found in ponds, lakes and slow moving bodies of water. In some cases, but rarely, a water bug can be found in a fast moving body of water.

 The Giant water bugs main habitat is in submerged aquatic areas. The giant water bug has developed into a strong swimmer from living in their submerged habitat. In Wisconsin the giant water bug is commonly found around water that is slow moving such as ponds or lakes. This is where they can easily develop and spend their life preying on other organisms. While in this environment they spend much of their time among aquatic plants located on the bottom of the lakes or ponds. Although the large water bug is found under water it still has the ability of flight.

Due to further expansion of residential areas into the giant water bugs habitat this bug has become known for it's attraction to lights. Because of this another name for the bug is the electric light bug. At night, in these areas located close to the bugs habitat, it is common to find them flying around well lit areas such as a baseball diamond. This is one of the exceptions in which the giant water bug will not be located in the submerged water habitat.

Wisconsin is located in the temperate zone and because of this the giant water bug has specific reproduction habits. In the spring egg laying occurs. In summer the nymphs start to develop and in winter the last processes to becoming adult water bugs occur.