Lethocerus americanus looks maniacal with it's proportionately large front mandibles and its intimidating size. It can certainly live up to it's nickname "toe biter," by inflicting a powerful bite which simultaneously injects a digestive enzyme that it uses to pre-digest it's prey. What exactly does this large insect prefer to feed on if not kids toes? L. americanus tend to feed on small crustaceans, snails, other insects, tadpoles, frogs and small fish. It uses its strong mandibles to latch onto and relentlessly restrain its prey that it proceeds to bite. The predator will allow it's digestive saliva/toxin to pre-digest it's prey for about 15 minutes before ingesting its liquefied prey through a proboscis-like appendage called a rostrum. L. americanus hunts for its prey near stagnant water edges with vegetation.

File:Lethocerus americanus.jpg