BIO 210


Do you think you know a lot about snails? Well here is some interesting facts that may be surprising to you!

Praticolella trimatris. Photo taken by Jennifer Humphrey.


 -Crawling on and around a knife and the edge of it will not hurt or harm a snail. This is because of the slime they leave behind when gliding (The Living World of Molluscs, 2012).

-Snails were used for research to discover the neurobiology of learning (The Living World of Molluscs, 2012).


-Snail slime is used in some skin support beauty products (Daily Mail Reporter, 2012).


-Some sea snail make sulfuric acid and they use this to which they use for softening and melting away the shells of the animals they are feeding on.  Also, this sulfuric acid is the most powerful acid of them all (Anitei, 2008).


-May 24th is National Escargot Day. Escargot is a dish of land snails cooked in wine or butter (Punchbowl, 2013).


If you are looking for more facts about snails in general, please click here.



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