BIO 210


Praticolella trimatris are not found everywhere in the world, but are extremely common within the regions they inhabit.

Photo taken by Jennifer Humphrey. Shells from Raymondville, Texas.

The very first Praticolella trimatris were discovered in Southern Texas and Mexico.  Further research has shown that Praticolella trimatris is native to the United States, Mexico, and Nicaragua (Perez, 2011).


Other members of the Praticolella genus can be found throughout the world, from Nicaragua to North Carolina in the United States (Perez, 2011).


The snails found in the Praticolella genus are known as terrestrial snails and inhabit the land all year long (Hubricht, 1983).  The snails live in prairie and mesquite conditions.  They also are not known to migrate between large regions, but rather they only travel a short distance for their migration patterns.  This short distance between regions explains why the snails within the Praticolella genus are not present in more states or more areas across several other countries (Anton, 2010).



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