Habitat and Geography  

The geographical location of the pearl dace ranges from all the providences of Canada to the northern United States (Stauffer, 2001; Werner, 2004). However, the species Margariscus margarita is only found in the Allegheny region of this distribution, from Virginia to Vermont (Fuller & Nico, 2013; Goldstein, Harper, & Edwards, 2000; Stauffer, 2001).

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Because the Margariscus margarita species are minnow fish, they live in areas that accommodate their small size, away from most large predatory fish (Cunningham, 2006). This bottom-dwelling species is usually found over sand or gravel in aqueous habitats such as spring-fed creeks, ponds, small lakes, and streams (Goldstein, Harper, & Edwards, 2000; Lawrence, Burr, & Beckham, 2011; Werner, 2004; Whittier, Halliwell, & Daniels, 2000; Stauffer, 2001). Margariscus margarita seem to prefer clear and cold water around 16°C (Cunningham, 2006;  Goldstein, Harper, & Edwards, 2000; Stauffer, 2001). A clear water habitat is important for this species, as they depend on their sight to eat (Cunningham, 2006). Another important aspect to the habitat of Margariscus margarita are beaver dams, in which they rely for hydrological purposes (Cunningham, 2006).

What Does Margariscus margarita Eat?