Common Names: Midwater Squid or Eye Flash Squid


Domain           Eurkaryota
Kingdom         Animalia 
Phylum           Mollusca
Class                Cephalopoda
Order               Teuthida
Family             Enoploteuthidae  
Genus              Abralia  
Species            Abralia veranyi  (Ruppell, 1884)


       Abralia veranyi is classified in the domain Eurkaryota because it possesses cells that contain specialized organelles, a membrane enclosed nucleus that holds genetic material, and a system of division by mitosis or meiosis. It is classified under the kingdom Animalia because it can move voluntarily, actively feed, and can react to stimuli. The phylum Mollusca means it has a radula for biting prey, a mantle to enclose their body, and a specialized foot used for movement. It is under the order Teuthida because they have eight legs and two tenticles, suction cups with hooks on their legs, a water propulsion system and an ink sac. The family Enoploteuthidae means it is a type of squid that is very small and between the length of 3 and 13 cm in mantle length. The Latin translation of the genus and species name was not found.


Taxonomy information from Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.


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