Juniper-Juniperus communis L.

Domain: Eukarya

  • This organism has a true nucleus and membrane bound organelles.

Kingdom: Plantae

  • Juniper is a multi-cellular and autotrophic organism that contains a cell wall made of cellulose.

Phylum: Coniferophtya

  • This organism is a cone-bearing seed plant that has vascular tissue.

Class: Pinopsida

  • This organism has small, simple leaves and conducts active secondary growth of the root and stem.

Order: Pinales

  • This organism has thin awl shaped, needle-like leaves that occur in a spiral formation.

Family: Cupressaceae

  • Juniper leaves occur whorls of three and it has a redwood.

Genus: Juniperus L.

Species: Juniperus communis L.

  • This refers to the specific , Common Juniper (common name), which is a small tree that  is about 30 feet in height and has bluish-black berries. That is native to North America, ranging from Newfoundland to Virginia, to the great lakes region, and a few other sites.

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This phylogenetic tree for Juniper illustrates the branches of the Cupressaceae Family, into the specific genus.

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