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Juniperus communis L. habitat is commonly found living in the Lakes States, like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois. This plant also resides in New England, north into Canada, and is scattered between the south and South Carolina. However, as one would start to head west in North America, Juniper begins to differentiate into more distinct species.USDA: Plant Database

 Juniper prefers dry, almost sterile, open hill regions  and forests to inhabit. The typical soil type for Juniper is a rocky and sandy which is one reason that it can be found up on the bluffs in the La Crosse region. It shares this habitat with many other organisms as well such as Ticks, deer, mice, Pine Trees, other small plants and flowers and some fungi.

Noel Albiniak

Interestingly due to this fact, Common Juniper is absent from the Great Plains region of the United States. Juniper is one of only 11 tree-like species that is indigenous to North America.

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