Did you know…

*   Juniper can be used in many dishes as a cooking agent. It works great for savory meat dishes.


*      Juniper is use as a distilling agent and flavoring in Gin. Here’s a recipe to taste the Juniper’s piney magnificence:


                                 Classic Gin and Tonic

Kyle Flood 

2 parts Gin (i.e. Tanqueray or Bombay Sapphire)

1 part Tonic Water

1 lime wedge for garnish


Fill rocks glass with ice and pour 2/3 Gin and 1/3 Tonic over and enjoy!


*      The Navajo Indians would burn Juniper as good luck.

 Tsvetelina Kostova

*      The Blackfoot Indians of Canada use Juniper to treat Lung  and Venereal diseases.


*  One of the names Juniperus communis L. is called hackmtack, which is and indian word meabning the wood for making a snowshoe, another plant that has this name is Tamarack tree.


*      The volatile oil put off by Juniper, Terpinen 4-ol, increases kidney action.


*      In Europe, it is known as the “bastard” plant, because it use to be used in abortions


*      Some juniper berries if unprocessed can be poisonous to humans, birds, and cattle.



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